James Allen

James Allen is the host of the James Allen Show heard in Phoenix Arizona and New York City.

While covering many of the same topics that most other radio shows cover, The James Allen Show does so in a different
fashion by attempting to bring questions of political theory, ethics, and philosophy to
bear on the current political and cultural issues in order to inform, educate, and give
perspective to our audience.

James Allen has partnered with likes of The Heritage Foundation, The
Goldwater Institute, and The Hoover Institute and has been blessed to interview many
great conservative thinkers such as Walter Williams, Dinesh D’souza, Jonah Goldberg,
Mark Stein, Mathew Spalding, Joseph Postell, & Stephen Mansfield, among many

James Allen has also received credible praise from Hugh Hewitt, Dennis
Prager, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter as well as being written about in Human Events,
Modern Conservative, and Intellectual Conservative.

James Allen holds degrees in Political Science, Religion and Applied Ethics, and
certificates in Civic Education and International Relations. The James Allen Show airs
7-10PM on AM 960 KKNT and AM 970 The Apple.


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